A new Yorker, $10 thousand & police

A resident of Manhattan proved by his example that the world is not without good and honest people, and especially — on Christmas eve.

6З-year-old Richard Tavern early yesterday morning came across $10 thousand left in a forgotten purse. Probably 90% of people (or even more) in his place at least thought about how to take the money yourself. But, according to the man, he immediately and without deliberation decided to take the find to the police to try to find the owner. 

Retired Richard Tavern lives on the Upper West Side with his three cats. Almost every morning he starts with a workout in the gym near the 66th Street subway station. 

Last Thursday, December 20, was no different from other days, except that Richard saw a handbag on a bench near the wall on the subway platform. According to Richard, there were no MTA employees at the station, so he looked in his purse and saw a blue Chanel handbag stuffed with money and a piece of paper on which, according to the man, there was an inscription in Russian. 

“This is New-York, you never know what you’ll come across,” says Tavern. – I didn’t think about taking the money for myself. This is not some kind of heroism, it’s just the only right thing to do in this case.” 

Therefore, the man took the find to the nearest police station. As it became clear, earlier a woman wrote a police report about loss of such sum of money, this money was for a trip to Russia. Now law enforcement officers are trying to contact her and say that the act of Richard Tavern-a real Christmas miracle.

Tom Tompson

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