Against a background of Brexit may appear a new political force in Britain

In Britain, a third political party may emerge from supporters of a country’s withdrawal from the EU, says Elena Ananyeva, head of the Center for British Studies at the Institute of Europe. 

“It cannot be ruled out that a new party of Brexit supporters will arise, because now the horizontal line of the political spectrum of the right and left, it is already interrupted by the vertical – by the brexiters. who are ready to enter this party for precisely these interests, on the European issue, “said Ananyeva. 

As the expert noted, for this reason, the Prime Minister Theresa May could not take any one side, otherwise she would not have been in power. 

On Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May, who avoided a vote of no confidence in Parliament, said the government would present a plan to resolve the situation around the Brexit agreement on Monday, January 21. A day earlier, the British parliamentarians rejected the Brexit agreement originally proposed by the prime minister. The agreement was supported by 202 parliamentarians, against 432. Thus, London opened the way for a number of possible scenarios, including the country’s most “tough” exit from the EU and the abolition of Brexit as a whole.

Tom Tompson

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