Amazon gave employees access to personal customer videos

Ukrainian programmers taught the American company Amazon’s “smart home” neural network and had almost unlimited access to home ownership cameras, reports The Intercept portal. 

According to the portal, since 2016, the Ukrainian research team has been watching videos of the “smart home”, captured by Ring, and manually set up a recognition system. The Ring project is part of Amazon and releases a device that serves as a smart call and outdoor surveillance camera. 

It is noted that the service files were not encrypted to avoid increasing costs. 

The source said that from the Ukrainian workers it wasn’t noticed rough violations.

“Ring employees sometimes showed each other videos that they commented on and described some of the events that they witnessed, such as kisses, gunfire and theft,” the source said.

The publication emphasizes that the company’s privacy policy does not allow third parties to access personal customer data. 

Tom Tompson

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