American visas for Russian citizens will rise in price

From January 1, 2019 American visas will rise in price for three years for Russian citizens. It is reported by the Embassy of the United States in the Russian Federation, reports UNN. 

“From January 1, 2019 citizens of the Russian Federation in some cases will have to pay a visa fee if the application for a visa B1/B2 (for business and tourist trips) is approved,” – noted on the Embassy website. 

Thus, to obtain a US visa for three years, Russian citizens will have to pay an additional fee of $ 143. To obtain a one – time US visa for up to one year, the fee will remain the same – $ 160. 

The Embassy’s Website also notes that “the visa fee is based on reciprocity, since the Russian Federation charges the same fee for the same type of visa to citizens of the United States.

Tom Tompson

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