Bangkok aimed to combat air pollution by artificial rain

The authorities of Thai Bangkok plan to start sowing clouds on Tuesday in order to artificially cause rain to combat the increasing pollution of the atmosphere, reports the portal Nation

Earlier in December, it was reported that the level of air pollution by dust particles, diesel soot and exhaust products of gasoline engines up to 2.5 microns in various parts of Bangkok reaches from 72 to 92 micrograms per cubic meter with a “upper” limit of 50 micrograms. Air pollution threatens the health of local residents. 

According to the portal, the head of the Department of Atmospheric Pollution Control of the administration of the capital of Thailand said that the start time of sowing will depend on the level of humidity and wind direction. 

According to the portal Thaiger, the authorities of the capital appealed to the department for the artificial creation of rain and agricultural aviation with a request to start sowing the clouds when the weather is suitable. 

Chatree Wattanakhajorn, director of Bangkok’s environmental management, said district authorities are already taking daily measures to control pollution, such as cleaning the roads, banning waste outside, limiting the use of black exhaust fumes, controlling dust construction sites and the removal of traffic jams by the police. 

Earlier it was reported that in Bangkok there is an atypical strong heat and almost no wind, which is why the air in the city is not self-cleaning. An expert from the Bangkok weather service noted that air pollution is an old problem of Bangkok, the main agent of air pollution is diesel soot from urban transport and many private cars-pickups with diesel engines.

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