Bishop's move: India has dealt an unexpected blow to the American economy

From January 31, the Government of India introduces 30% duties on American agricultural products. We are talking about goods worth 857 million dollars – more than a third of food imports from the United States. For what Delhi is taking revenge on Washington and why experts see this as a ” Chinese trail”. 

The size of the economy does not allow India to respond symmetrically to US duties and enter into an open confrontation with Washington as China does (according to the World Bank, India’s GDP in 2017 was 2.6 trillion dollars, China – 12.2 trillion). 

Washington’s aggressiveness has led to the fact that Beijing and Delhi for the first time in a long time moved from economic confrontation to coordinated measures against US pressure. Even though India and China are essentially strategic rivals in the Asia — Pacific region.

Tom Tompson

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