Britain dispelled myths about Russia

Western media vividly discuss how the European Union (represented by European Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker) responded to the request of British Prime Minister Theresa may to revise the deal on Brexit. Ms. May, to push the deal through the British Parliament, it was necessary to get from the EU, if not concessions, then at least a delay on particularly painful issues for the British. Mr. Juncker spoke out frankly in a mocking manner. “Our friends from the United Kingdom need to say what they want, not ask what we want. We would like our friends from the United Kingdom to set out their expectations within a few weeks, because these debates are sometimes vague and I would like some clarification.” This is the case when diplomatic politeness only increases the intensity of mockery. Simply put — the European Union rejected the request of London and looks with interest as the leadership of the island nation will get out. Everyone knows that the story of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union is not going smoothly. Everyone knows that the United Kingdom pays not only fines of tens of billions of euros for its withdrawal, but also a number of humiliating procedures — just to maintain access to the European market. 

And here is on this place is worth to leave in side foreign life and to talk about our. The fact that all the bitter British-European cataclysm that we see from afar — destroys one of the most ambitious and venerable myths of Russia. This myth has two variants and, accordingly, two names. According to the version of myth number one (“Anglican”), Britain is historically not just a lucky and significant country on the globe. Britain does not just set the fashion in culture and politics — it is still the leader in all really important areas. According to the myth version number two (known as “the Englishwoman shits”), Britain is an exceptional and important country. All other empires come and go, sometimes without even realizing that they were just puppets in the British game. Historically, these two versions of the Russian myth differ only in emotional conclusion. The Anglomaniacs deduce from it that the highest happiness for man is moving to London, transfer of funds & children and embedding in the number one governing country in the world. Anglophobia, however, consider that Britain cannot accept outsiders, so it remains only to frustrate today. 

Well. Now we see quite clearly the results of complex British intrigues. And along the way-the results of the famous British education for the elite. A couple of years ago it seemed that David Cameron would remain the most outstanding loser in the post-war history of British Prime Ministers for a long time. Now Cameron is catching up with his successor May remaining in the post of Prime Minister and head of the ruling party mainly because the contenders for her “suicide” is not now. In fact, her career will probably end along with the Brexit process. And in many respects therefore the British conservative politicians who are actively running from Ministerial posts in her government, don’t dismiss her. 

As it so happened, that the country for several centuries seriously affect the life of the world, now makes the world ridicule. Of course, all of the above does not mean that the UK has lost all meaning,no. The Kingdom, of course, has extensive experience in a large number of industries and spheres of influence. The Kingdom, of course, is still able to influence international relations and conduct its policy. Simply there is no need to give it mystical qualities. Those undoubted bonuses from the geographical location, history and human capital that allowed the UK to become at some point in history the largest Empire of the planet — were not eternal. And now there is a clear confirmation of this. The Russian” British ” myth — in all its variants-will certainly survive the greatness of great Britain. But this is also normal. At the time, the myth of the omnipresent and all-powerful Jesuits behind all the world processes was also popular in our country. And it worked for decades after the Jesuits left the world political arena.

Tom Tompson

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