Chinese schoolchildren wear uniforms with GPS trackers

Schools in the Chinese province of Guizhou and the nearby Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region began to use a smart form equipped with GPS transmitters. Monitoring allows to deal with absenteeism and inform parents of students about the location and safety of their children in real time. 

According to China Daily, the experiment is conducted in eleven schools. Guizhou and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region belong to the poor regions of China, which suffers, including school attendance. 

The system automatically records the time when the child comes to school. In addition, this moment is fixed on the video, which parents can view through a special application on their smartphones. If the child leaves the school at the wrong time, teachers and parents receive a notification, and the “smart form” gives an audible warning. 

This form costs 320 yuan – about the same as the usual one. The experiment involved about a thousand children. Many of them, coming from remote areas, live in school for several weeks. The topic is widely covered in the state media of China – so the authorities are trying to convince the population of the benefits of widespread digital monitoring.

Tom Tompson

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