Donald Trump ordered to withdraw US troops from Syria

Us President Donald Trump ordered the complete withdrawal of US troops from Syria. On Wednesday reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.
According to the Agency’s interlocutors, it remains unclear how soon about two thousand us troops will be able to return home and what the decision of the head of the United States will mean for their Kurdish allies, whom they actively supported. 
Meanwhile, the White House confirmed that the US has already begun to withdraw its troops from this Arab country. Washington stressed at the same time that the coalition will not cease to exist after that. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders noted that the United States is thus moving into a new phase of the campaign. As Bloomberg notes, Trump in April said that he would make a decision on this issue quickly. 
“I want us to leave, I want the troops back home and start rebuilding our nation,” Trump said at a press conference at the time. He added that the” main mission “of the United States in the fight against the terrorist group” Islamic state ” is almost completed.
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