Earthquake in Turkey

An earthquake of 4.1 magnitude occurred in the province of Antalya in southwestern Turkey. According to the information, the earthquake occurred at 11:31 am local time. 

The center of the earthquake lies at a depth of 25.2 kilometers on the Mediterranean Sea. The presence of victims and destruction is not reported. 

Note that earlier on December 18, an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude occurred in the Turkish province of Bursa in the south-west of the country. 

Recall that Turkey is located in a seismically active zone, and earthquakes, which often lead to human victims, occur here quite often. The most powerful fluctuations of the crust in this country were observed in 1999 in the Marmara Sea region. The magnitude of aftershocks then amounted to 7.4 points.

Tom Tompson

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