Erdogan spoke about a telephone conversation with Trump

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan reported on a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump held on Sunday, during which the interlocutors agreed on closer coordination on the situation in Syria. 
Earlier, Trump said that on Sunday he spoke “long and productively” by phone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about Syria and trade. 

“Today we had a very productive telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump, in which we agreed on expanding our coordination in various areas, from bilateral trade relations to the situation in Syria. I hope these negotiations will benefit our country and the entire region” , – Erdogan wrote in a microblog on Twitter. 

A source in the administration of the Turkish leader told reporters that during the conversation with Trump, he expressed satisfaction with Washington’s last steps and Turkey’s readiness to render any support to the United States in the process of withdrawing troops from Syria to avoid a “power vacuum” in the region during this period. 

Trump on Wednesday announced a victory over the terrorist organization “Islamic State” in Syria, noting that this was the only reason for the presence of the American military in the country. Later, the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders reported that the United States began withdrawing troops from Syria, but a victory over ISIS does not mean the end of the existence of the coalition.

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