For the third time in Dubai the residential skyscraper "Torch" caught fire

Residential skyscraper The Torch in the popular area of Dubai Dubai Marina caught fire for the third time in the history of its existence, this time a small fire was quickly eliminated, writes the national newspaper. 

Residents of the tower were evacuated. The fire began in the sauna of the gym. 

Eyewitnesses in social networks posted messages and photos from the scene, which shows that the civil defense services quickly arrived at the scene and prevented the spread of fire. 

Last time, the same skyscraper burned in August 2017, the cause of the fire was an unspoiled cigarette butt. Then 38 from 64 floors suffered from fire, and 475 inhabitants had to look for temporary housing. 

In February 2015, there was a big fire in the tower, which began on the 51st floor. 

In most cases, fires in skyscrapers in Dubai quickly spread across the facade due to wind. After a number of similar cases in the Emirate city, it was decided to gradually replace the aluminum cladding of the facades with a safer coating.

Tom Tompson

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