Forbes called Trump's income from the sale of Real Estate in 2018

US President Donald Trump sold an estimated $35 million worth of Real Estate, according to Forbes

This conclusion was made by the journal based on the analysis of property archives and data available in open sources. 

As Forbes magazine notes, before taking office, the leader of the United States transferred the management of his assets to his sons, but remained the owner of a business that continues to sell property. 

According to the magazine, more than half of this amount was generated from the sale of a residential complex in New York for $ 900 million. As calculated by Forbes, Trump received about $ 20 million from this transaction. 

About $ 5.5 million he received from the sale of objects inside the 64-storey tower in Las Vegas. It is noted that about a third of these objects were purchased through limited liability companies. This means that customers may not disclose their identity. 

As Forbes stresses, in October a man bought an apartment in the tower who indicated the Chinese city of Taiyuan as his address. At the same time, before Trump took office, one of his lawyers promised that “during the term of his presidency“ no new foreign transactions will be made ”. According to the magazine, the case of a Chinese buyer may be a violation of such a promise. 

According to the magazine, now Trump, presumably, owns residential real estate in the amount of about 437 million dollars.

Tom Tompson

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