Forbes named the richest American celebrity 

American director George Lucas, whose fortune is estimated at $ 5.4 billion, once again became the richest celebrity according to Forbes magazine, director Steven Spielberg and TV presenter Oprah Winfrey were also in the top three. 

The list consists of the ten richest celebrities, whose total wealth is 18.7 billion dollars, which is 4% more than a year earlier, the newspaper reports. 

According to the magazine, Spielberg’s fortune is estimated at $ 3.7 billion, for Oprah – at $ 2.8 billion. In fourth place in the list is the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan with a fortune of 1.7 billion, which, according to the publication, has increased over the past year by $ 400 million. 

The list also includes model Kylie Jenner ($900 million), rappers Jay-Z (900 million) and Diddy (825 million), illusionist and showman David Copperfield (875 million), golfer Tiger Woods (800 million), closes the top ten author of detective novels James Patterson with a fortune of 800 million dollars. 

In 2017, George Lucas was also named the richest celebrity according to Forbes with a fortune of 5.5 billion dollars. 

The traditional annual rating of the state of American celebrities takes into account both the income of their companies and the value of their property and art objects. A mandatory criterion is that the candidate was a “US citizen who earned his fame.”

Tom Tompson

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