France decided to acquire a hypersonic weapons

The French defense ministry was concerned about the country’s lag in the development and production of hypersonic weapons. Earlier this week, the Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, announced the V-MaX program. Within its framework, it is planned to create a mockup-demonstrator of a hypersonic glider. It is expected that the contract will receive the aerospace concern Arianegroup. 

As Parly said, France cannot afford to wait, and V-MaX “will be a true technological breakthrough” in a number of areas of military use. The Minister recalled that of the five member States of the UN Security Council, three already have the latest hypersonic missiles: Russia, the US and China. 

The French rocket should fly at a speed of more than 6 thousand km/h, the first tests should begin “before the end of 2021.” Developers of a new type of weapon will have to solve the problems of “kinetic heating”, range and accuracy of hitting.

Tom Tompson

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