In China, 220 people were evacuated due to earthquakes

An earthquake of magnitude 5.3, which occurred on Thursday morning in the Chinese southwestern province of Sichuan, has affected the lives of almost 2.6 thousand local residents, only one person was injured, they are insignificant, authorities evacuated 220 people to safe places. 

An earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred on Thursday morning in the Chinese southwest province of Sichuan. The aftershocks were recorded at 8.48 local time in the Gong district of Yibin city district. The center of the earthquake was at a depth of 15 kilometers. 

Local authorities reported that, as of Thursday evening, the earthquake caused destruction in 13 localities, a natural disaster affected normal lives of 2,586 people, only one local resident was slightly injured, 220 people were evacuated to safe places. 

689 households were slightly damaged, 18 were severely damaged. Direct economic damage, according to preliminary estimates, was 19.5 million yuan ($ 2.8 million). 

Power supply, water supply, communication in the affected areas are operating normally.

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