In South Korea, create a car with a fingerprint sensor


Drivers will be able to open and close doors without a key, and also to start the engine. Each car will be equipped with 2 sensors: the first-outside, and the second, designed to run the car – near the steering wheel. Moreover, if the car has several authorized users, the on-Board computer will recognize each of them and automatically change the position of the chair, mirrors, steering wheel and other parameters for each specific driver. The car is also equipped with a system of access to the voice assistant Baidu Duer, as well as a wireless charger for the smartphone. 

In the South Korean concern said that the probability of false positives will be 1: 50,000. It’s more efficient than locks with a radio tag. The first such update will receive a car Hyundai Santa Fe. However, the machines will be designed only for the Chinese market.

Tom Tompson

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