Israel officially left UNESCO

Simultaneously with Israel, UNESCO officially left the United States. Now the organization includes 193 states. 
Israel officially left UNESCO on January 1. About this with reference to the Israeli ambassador to the UN Dani Danone reports The Times of Israel

According to the diplomat, UNESCO “constantly rewrites history”. Danone believes that the organization is “manipulated by the enemies of Israel”, which is manifested in the constant condemnation of the only Jewish state. 

Israel’s claims are based, in particular, on the recognition of Palestine as a full member of UNESCO in 2011. 
We will remind, simultaneously with the Israel UNESCO officially left and USA. Now the organization includes 193 States. 

The United States and Israel suspended the payment of annual contributions to UNESCO in 2011, in 2013 both countries lost their voting rights in the organization, but retained all other rights. 

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country had decided to leave UNESCO after the United States.

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