Kevin Spacey got stopped for speeding

Washington police stopped the car for speeding, which was driven by famous Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey. Apparently, Casey was returning from Massachusetts, where a hearing took place on the case of sexual harassment, reports TMZ portal. 

According to the portal, the actor exceeded the speed when he was leaving the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington. The portal published a video, which shows how the policeman checks the rights of the actor and documents on the car. At the same time, according to sources in law enforcement agencies, after checking the documents, the police released the actor, making him only an oral warning. 

The charges against Spacey relate to the events of 2016, when, according to the former news program on American television, Heather Unruh, the actor at the party was harassing her son, who was then 18 years old. 
The judge in Massachusetts on Monday appointed the beginning of hearings on the case on March 4. According to CNN, the judge warned that if during this time the actor violates the law in any way, he may be detained for 90 days without the right to release on bail; in addition, to the case file added a statement Spacey plea of not guilty. 

The big scandal around Kevin Spacey began with the statement of Anthony Rapp, the Star of the Star Trek TV show, who said that when he was 14 years old, a drunk actor tried to seduce him. Spacey stated that he did not remember the incident of harassment to minor, but apologized to him. 

Subsequently, the Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos said that he was the victim of sexual harassment by Spacey and knows many other people who are in a similar situation. To date, the number of people who have reported harassment by the actor is a few dozen people. 

Netflix has previously officially confirmed the demise of US President Frank Underwood, Spacey’s character, in the last season of the popular House of Cards series against the background of the scandal with the actor.

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