Lincoln's Christmas letter was sold at auction for $ 60 thousand

Abraham Lincoln allegedly wrote this letter a few days before Christmas in 1863.The letter of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln, which he sent to his wife’s relatives for Christmas, was sold at an auction in the US for $ 60,000. 

As noted, the letter was sent during the Civil War with the United States 1861-1865.

In a sent letter, Lincoln called for “not to touch them while Mr. and Mrs. Craig (relatives of the Lincoln spouse (behave like peaceful and loyal citizens of the United States.” He also called for the unification of a scattered war country. 

According to reports, Lincoln wrote a letter a few days before Christmas in 1863. 

Earlier, a letter from Abraham Lincoln to children was sold at Sotheby’s auction in New York for 3.4 million dollars. 

Lincoln autograph went under the hammer for more than two million dollars.

Tom Tompson

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