Man climbs National Christmas Tree in front of the White House

Unknown climbed the main US Christmas tree, standing in a park near the White House, according to NBC 4, citing a police statement. 

According to law enforcement authorities, the man was in a state of emotional shock. The police were negotiating with him, urging him to come down. When the man cried, he was taken to a psychiatric examination. 

Reportedly, as a result of the incident, some lights on the spruce were damaged. The police closed the area until the end of the evening. 

The national Christmas tree was first installed on the south side of the White House in December 1923. President Calvin Coolidge, from whose state a tree was brought, lit the lights for the first time: 2.5 thousand green and red lamps. Since that time, the tradition of the President lighting the lights on the Christmas fir tree began. 

Spruce is not brought during the holiday, it grows constantly in the chosen place. The previous spruce was planted in the spring of 2012, but did not wait for December, not taking root in the new place. Its predecessor served five presidents from 1978 to 2011 and fell victim to a strong wind in February 2011. 
The current tree was planted in October 2012. This is a blue spruce of the same breed as its two predecessors. US First Lady Melanya Trump, in the company of her spouse, President Donald Trump, lit the lights on spruce on November 29.

Tom Tompson

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