Mark Warren Introduces Bill to Prevent Gov't Shutdown

US senator Democrat Mark Warren submitted on Tuesday a bill to prevent the “Shutdown” – the forced closure of institutions due to the lack of funding approved by Congress, the senator’s office reported. 

The United States is one of the few countries where federal agencies should be closed by law in the absence of a budget. Currently, the longest “Shutdown” in the history of the country is going on – about a quarter of federal institutions are closed from December 22. 800 thousand civil servants and thousands of contract workers remained without salaries. 

Warren followed the tradition of giving bills “speaking” names. He called his document “the Termination of the shutdowns, which can cause unnecessary trouble and damage in recent years” – abbreviated Stop STUPIDITY, that is, “Stop stupidity.” 

At the senator’s suggestion, funding should automatically continue for all agencies under the previous year’s budget, as is done in most countries. At the same time, Warren suggested that the budget of the White House and Congress should not be automatically renewed in the hope that this would force the negotiators to seek a compromise.

Tom Tompson

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