National Interest called the "union of Russia and China" a nightmare for the United States

The United States makes a gross mistake by underestimating the ever closer cooperation between Russia and China. This writes the National Interest with reference to experts of the Center for National Interests. 

According to experts, Washington has lost the once advantageous position of the Cold War, when its relations with Moscow and Beijing separately were better than between themselves. The United States “unknowingly” took steps that only brought these states closer together. Thus, strengthening Russian cooperation with China may pose a threat and become a real “American nightmare.” How to respond to such a rapprochement is the most difficult question that the US authorities have yet to solve, the article says. 

Analysts point out that it’s not about the official alliance between the states yet, since an alliance with Moscow can weaken Beijing’s economic cooperation with Washington. At the same time, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, recently said that the photograph with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping lacks Donald Trump. According to the diplomat, it is more profitable for Beijing to work with different states than to be constantly in Washington’s conflict with Moscow.

Tom Tompson

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