New trend - vacation without a smartphone is gaining popularity

In Great Britain and the United States, a new trend has emerged – leisure without electronic gadgets: tourists pay hotels to take their mobile phones, tablets and laptops into storage. 

It’s no secret that for the modern man smartphone is an integral part of life. Through mobile devices people watch movies, weather, read news, take photos, keep records of funds and much more. 

However, gadgets are a real addiction. That is why, in order to truly feel the taste of relaxation, people decided to voluntarily surrender their smartphones to the hotel administrator. Return them back only on the day of departure. 

Some resorts even began to provide free services and discounts to those who decided to abandon this dependence. 

Those who have tried such a mainstream noted that the rest seemed to them very long, pleasant and rich. This helped to feel the fullness of entertainment, without clogging your head with unnecessary information and the desire to “show yourself”.

Tom Tompson

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