Pompeo proposed China forget about the 'Cold War'

Mike Pompeo said that the US does not want to pursue a policy of containment against China, as during the Cold War. Instead, Washington is looking forward to working with Beijing. 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented on the theme of the further development of relations between his country and China. Thus, the head of the State Department said that Washington plans to cooperate with Beijing, and not to pursue a policy of containment against it. The United States does not want a new Cold War with China. 

Nevertheless, in order for such cooperation to be organized, Pompeo insists, the United States needs China to act “responsibly and honestly.” In any case, he said, he hopes that the ongoing contacts and meetings between the leaders of China and the United States will sooner or later bear fruit. 

Note that Pompeo made a statement at the end of strategic negotiations in the so-called “two plus two” format. Moreover, Pompeo noted that his country hopes for productive cooperation with China on the issue of sanctions against Iran.

Tom Tompson

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