Pompeo: US and Russia should discuss the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo during a video conversation with participants of the world economic forum in Davos said that the US and Russia should negotiate to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. 

“These two States (Russia and the United States) are the largest owners of nuclear potential in the world. Russia is a significant power, we respect and understand this. We must ensure that negotiations are held so that it is possible both to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons themselves and all (negative) consequences that may accompany the possession of nuclear weapons,” he said. 

Pompeo’s statement followed against the background of the US plans to withdraw from a joint agreement with Russia on the elimination of medium and shorter missiles. It will be the second agreement in the field of strategic stability, which will cease to exist on the initiative of Washington-in 2002, the United States withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile Treaty. Moreover, the fate of the start III Treaty on strategic offensive reductions, which ends in 2021, remains unclear.

Tom Tompson

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