Rihanna Suing Her Father For Using Her Brand

American singer and actress Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against her father for using her Fenty brand name, associated with her daughter, for commercial purposes to get millions of dollars, reports Variety.

Rihanna, who founded the brands Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, notes that several times she asked her father not to conduct business on her behalf, but he ignored her requests. 

According to Variety, He also tried to negotiate with SBS Entertainment about a concert tour involving the singer in Latin America for $ 15 million. 

“Fenty’s fraudulent behavior (by his partner Moses Joktan) Perkins and the company is particularly blatant, because they were told several times to stop these information distortions and all activities and attempts to use Rihanna’s name and Fenty’s reputation as a lawsuit.” 

Rihanna claims in a lawsuit that the father and his partner are responsible for dishonest advertising and interference with privacy. In the lawsuit, the singer seeks to ban Ronald Fenty’s use of the Fenty trademark or some other way to illegally represent a daughter.

Tom Tompson

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