Rome has new rules & penalty for visitors who are behaving badly

The authorities of the Italian capital continues to “tighten the screws” uncontrolled tourists – now the violators of public order will not be able to get to the picturesque districts of Rome. 

So, in addition to fines of 150-500 euros, those who do not adhere to urban rules of conduct, for example, bathes or even just washes from fountains, will be banned from entering the historic areas of the city for up to 60 days or longer – in case of a relapse. 

The corresponding decree has already been signed by the mayor of the Eternal city – Virginia Raja. 

It is worth noting that banned in Rome and other activities. Here it is impossible to use and sell alcohol at night, to climb on constructions, to throw out garbage or to pour out liquids in fountains, to throw stubs on the earth and to paste up leaflets on street lamps. 

Recall that in November, the city government of the Italian capital has tightened the rules of conduct in the city streets-now for swimming in the fountains here will be fined 900 euros. 

It was also reported that tourists in Florence were going to be fined for buying fakes. 

In addition, in this city decided to fight radically with street food – now those who decide to eat on the streets in the historic center of the city, will write fines of 500 euros.

Tom Tompson

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