Russia accused the United States of encroachments on Venezuelan sovereignty

The Russian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the US attempts to form an alternative Venezuelan government. 

“Washington’s shameless line is aimed at the unconstitutional formation of alternative government structures in Venezuela. These attempts, which ignore the reality and give it their goal to assign some of the legitimate Venezuelan government. And sanctions, lead to the deterioration of the socio-economic situation of ordinary Venezuelans. All this together is a blatant violation of the sovereignty of Venezuela,” — said in a commentary on the website of the Foreign Ministry. 

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed by phone the situation in Venezuela with the chairman of the opposition National Assembly of the Republic, Juan Guaido, who several days ago headed the country’s parliament. 

Now the National Assembly cannot make political decisions: instead, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro convened a National Constituent Assembly, fully controlled by the government. 

Mike Pompeo has expressed support for Guaydo. 

Last May, presidential elections were held in Venezuela. The current head of state Nicolas Maduro received almost 6.2 million votes, and his main rival Henri – opposition party, 1.9 million. More than 20.5 million people were invited to participate in the voting, the turnout was 45.99%. 

The Organization of American States (OAS) did not recognize the powers of the elected president, and Paraguay broke off diplomatic relations with the country. Previously, non-recognition of the new presidential term Maduro was declared by members of the Latin American “Lima Group” (with the exception of Mexico). 
The United States also took a similar position. Washington is strengthening sanctions and putting pressure on Caracas.

Tom Tompson

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