Santa on style: Barack Obama in jeans tried himself as a new year wizard

The 44th US President is preparing to write his memoirs and continues to be actively engaged in politics and public activities. The day before he came to the children’s national hospital in North-West Washington, where he tried himself as Santa Claus. 

At the same time, the former US head was in a jumper and jeans, limiting himself to Santa’s cap and a bag with gifts. After that, the politician was called “Denim Santa”, noting that this is a new style and modern approach in the image of the main new year wizard. In the lobby of the medical facility, a crowd gathered, with which politician sang a Christmas song. 

Obama danced and even tried to portray gait chief magician ” waddle.” He also looked into some chamber where lay the kids confined to bed, unable to see him in the lobby. As reported by E! Online, a bag of gifts “Denim’s Santa” quickly emptied.

Tom Tompson

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