Senators urged Trump to conduct an operation in the Black sea

In the US Senate spoke for a” tough operation ” to liberate the Kerch Strait for navigation. According to the” Russian service BBC”, the authors of the resolution, which was signed by almost forty of the 100 members of the Senate, believe that this is a necessary response to Russia’s actions in the Kerch Strait. 

The resolution calls on President Trump to “quickly carry out” a powerful operation to liberate the Kerch Strait for navigation. It should demonstrate “support for internationally recognized borders, bilateral agreements” and ensure the safe passage of ships through the Kerch Strait and the sea of Azov. Senators believe that such a step “will repel excessive territorial claims of Russia.” The resolution was signed by 39 senators, including the head of the Senate Committee on armed forces Jim Inhof. 

“The United States and our allies must immediately respond to Russia’s military aggression in the Kerch Strait with a strong and decisive step,” said one of the sponsors of the resolution, Chairman of the Senate national security Committee, Republican Ron Johnson. “The international Maritime operation on freedom of navigation should ensure safe passage from the Black sea to Azov.” In his opinion, this is the answer “Putin should see”. 

The NSDC Secretary noted that the Ukrainian authorities offer Western partners to send ships to participate in the campaign from the Black sea to the sea of Azov.

Tom Tompson

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