Shutdown in the United States becomes longest on record

Shutdown (a temporary reduction in the work of federal institutions due to the lack of a budget) broke a historic record of duration on Saturday, but there is no end in sight: the administration and the congress are preparing to continue the long standoff. 

Hundreds of thousands of civil servants and contractors suffer from the budget crisis, but the majority of ordinary Americans are not affected by the “closure”. President Donald Trump continues to demand $ 5.6 billion for border security and the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and refuses to sign the budget without this article. Democrats who have gained control in the House of Representatives of the new convocation of the Congress do not even want to hear about the wall and call the crisis “artificial.” 

Trump is pondering over the introduction of a state of emergency at the border to circumvent the congress and try to finance the wall. But this step will be immediately challenged in court with unclear consequences for the administration, and will spoil relations with Congress in the future. 

The longest shutdown to date occurred in December 1995 — January 1996 and lasted 21 days. The current shutdown, which continues from December 22, 2018, lasts for the 22nd day at midnight Saturday. 

Tom Tompson

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