Since 2021 the EU will ban plastic utensils and plastic Q-Tips

The institutions of the European Union have agreed to prohibit the use of disposable plastic utensils, including plates, appliances, and packaging for polystyrene food products, as well as such small items as cotton swabs for ears, from 2021. With these measures, the EU seeks to reduce plastic pollution and the amount of garbage in the sea. 

In the European Commission indicate that the pieces of plastic that are listed in the project document, account for 70% of plastic waste, polluting the water and beaches within the community. Also prohibited will be the product of oxobiodegradable plastic that is used as an alternative material, however, contains harmful to the environment substances. 

As noted in the EU Council, pollution of the oceans is one of the pressing global problems, which is constantly increasing. According to the Agency, if the growth rate does not change, by 2050 the total weight of plastic in the ocean will exceed the total weight of fish. 

The document has yet to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU. However, it is noted that the agreement was reached relatively quickly, since the proposal was submitted by the European Commission in May 2018. 

Plastic is planned to be replaced with alternative materials that do not harm the environment. 
In addition to the ban, EU member states will set goals to reduce the use of plastic. It is also planned to establish the requirement that at least 30% of plastic bottles are made from recyclable plastic.

Tom Tompson

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