Sony Pictures is moving forward with a Venom sequel

According to Hollywood Reporter, a Venom sequel is officially in the works.

Kelly Marcel, who was one of the screenwriters of the first part, became the screenwriter of the sequel. She has already begun work on the film. However, it is noted that the actors who played the main roles in the action movie, Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, also will star in the continuation. 

Earlier, the film’s Director Ruben Fleischer told that he hopes to take part in the filming of a possible sequel “Venom”. Sony Pictures refused to comment on information. 

The film “Venom” was released on October 1, 2018, its box office in the world amounted to more than 855 million dollars. The film tells about the reporter Eddie Brouk, in which the alien creature infects, endowing him with inhuman strength.

Tom Tompson

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