South Korea released a version of the incident with the Japanese aircraft

South Korea reiterated that its warship did not send a fire control system radar to a Japanese self-defense patrol plane, and demanded that Japan apologize for the fact that its aircraft had “threatened” a South Korean ship. 

The four-minute video details the fragments from the Japanese video, which, according to the South Korean side, are a distortion of the facts about the incident, as well as prove the illegal actions of the Japanese pilot. 

In particular, the footage shows the image of the press release of the Ministry of Defense of Japan about the incident, published on the Agency’s website on December 28 last year, which shows excerpts from the international rules of flight, including the norms of the minimum altitude of flights. In turn, the South Korean side stressed that these rules apply to civil aviation, not military aircraft. 

“We reiterate that Japan should stop the actions that distort the facts and apologize for the low – altitude flight over our ship, which carried out a humanitarian rescue operation,” said the representative of the Ministry of Defense of South Korea Choi Hyun-soo, adding that such actions of the Japanese pilot “posed a threat” to the South Korean ship. 

The incident occurred on December 20. According to the Japanese side, the South Korean Navy ship captured a patrol aircraft of the Japanese self-defense forces with a radar fire control system. In connection with the incident, Tokyo has expressed an official protest to Seoul. South Korea, in turn, insists that the warship provided assistance to the North Korean vessel, which was in distress in the area of the flight of the Japanese aircraft.

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