The best journalist in Germany appropriated the money of "Turkish orphans"

Former Der Spiegel reporter Klaas Relocius collected donations from readers to help imaginary “Turkish orphans”. It is noteworthy that all the money he transferred to his personal bank account. According to Spiegel editors, the fundraising was carried out from Relocius’ personal email. 

Recall that the German Spiegel was at the center of the scandal, when their journalist – he is the best journalist in Germany (prizes, awards and recognition) – said that he was writing all his stories. 

Now another remarkable detail has come to light. Klaas Relocius collected money from readers for “Turkish orphans”. Children – the heroes of his tearful reports, of course, fictional. But the money is real. And they all came from moved readers to a personal account of a journalist. 

Now the editorial staff of Spiegel has declared its readiness to help the investigation.

Tom Tompson

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