The President of Indonesia warned about the possibility of a new tsunami

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who visited the most affected areas of the coast of Java on Monday, warned of the possibility of a new tsunami and urged the population and local authorities to do everything necessary to prevent new victims. 

The victims of the tsunami that struck on Saturday night on the Indonesian coast, were, according to official data, 281 people, 57 people are missing. More than 3,000 people were affected by the disaster, more than a thousand were evacuated. Search and rescue operations and evacuation in the disaster area continue. 

“As we have seen, disaster zones do not always coincide with predictions (rescue services). Therefore, the coastal areas affected by the tsunami were not prepared for it. There is a possibility of a new tsunami, and the population and (relevant) services of coastal areas should be ready for this, we must avoid new victims,” Widodo said, quoted by the portal. 

Earlier on Monday, the portal Detik News reported that the President of Indonesia acknowledged the inaccuracy of the forecasts of the national rescue service and overcoming the consequences of natural disasters, as a result of which the population of the coast affected by the tsunami did not receive an early warning about the likelihood of a natural disaster. 

The President said that accurate tsunami prediction is an extremely difficult task and promised that at the beginning of 2019 there will be a general check and improvement of all elements of the tsunami early warning system in the country. 

Earlier on Monday, prominent Indonesian seismologists warned about the likely recurrence of the tsunami in the near future. As noted by the France Press Agency, at a workshop in Jakarta, they noted continued volcanic activity in the disaster area and the possibility of new underwater landslides. According to scientists, he became the Saturday tsunami.

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