The senator, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, demands to launch an investigation against the head of the IMB

Jeff Merkley, from Oregon, formally demanded that FBI Director Christopher Ray initiate an investigation against the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirsten Nielsen. 

“I demand an investigation, the purpose of which will be to determine whether the Minister of Internal Security Kirsten Nielsen has committed perjury during testimony under oath in the House of Representatives Committee on Judicial Affairs on December 20, 2018,” – said in a letter to the FBI. 

Nielsen said earlier in Congress that in the US there is no policy of separating the families of illegal immigrants who are detained at the border. However, Merkley on Thursday issued a ministry memorandum stating that such a policy has been officially carried out since 2017. 

In order to bring the minister to justice, it will be necessary to prove that she was not mistaken, but deliberately lied under oath with criminal intent, so that the prospects for a criminal case are unclear.

Tom Tompson

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