The survey showed that a record number of Americans want to emigrate

About 16 percent of Americans want to move to another country for permanent residence. This follows from the survey results of the sociological service Gallup

The desire to leave the States was more often stated by people under 30 years old, and there were slightly more women than men. Canada attracts most of the respondents; 26 percent of those who want to emigrate see this place as their new home. 

This figure was a record in the history of such studies. Sociologists believe that the cause of such sentiment was the coming to power of Donald Trump. 

For comparison, during the presidency of George W. Bush Jr. only 11 percent of Americans stated their desire to emigrate, and under Barack Obama 10 percent. 

The study was conducted in 2017 and 2018. One thousand Americans over 15 took part in the survey.

Tom Tompson

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