The United States has taken a steady course to unleash an arms race

The maintenance and modernization of the US nuclear arsenal will cost $ 494 billion in the coming decade, according to a report published by the congressional budget department. 

“In case of implementation, the plan for nuclear forces … will cost 494 billion dollars in the period from 2019 to 2028, on average, slightly less than $ 50 billion annually,” said in a document published on the department’s website. 

The report is based on the budget requests of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Energy for the 2019 fiscal year and, as its compilers note, is only a projection. 

The last time a similar document was published in February 2017: as its compilers remind, the cost increased by 23%, which amounts to $ 94 billion, and this is due to both the calculation time frame and the “new modernization programs” and “more specific plans for nuclear command and control systems“.

According to the text, “all presently existing atomic forces of the country reach the end of their service life.” 

Among them, the report mentions “nuclear submarines launching ballistic missiles, ground-based intercontinental missiles, long-range bombers carrying bombs, tactical short-range aircraft, and nuclear warheads that deliver all these systems.” 

“If the United States wants to continue to take advantage of these opportunities, in the next two decades all these components of the nuclear arsenal must be re – equipped with new systems,” the report notes.

Tom Tompson

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