The US Senate advised Trump to temporarily restore the work of the government

Influential Republican Senator Lindsey Graham believes that a temporary reinstatement of the US government can help Donald Trump make progress in negotiations with Democrats about funding the wall on the border with Mexico. 

On the air of Fox News, Graham said that the introduction of a state of emergency due to the crisis at the border is perceived by Trump as an extreme measure, however, as he noted, this development is becoming more and more likely. 

The Senator proposed to restore the work of the government before it happens. 

“I would recommend him (Trump – ed.) to resume the work of the government for a short period of time, for example, three weeks… let’s see if we can reach an agreement. If by the end of three weeks we fail… let’s see if he can do it himself by introducing a state of emergency,” said Graham. 

Nevertheless, the senator expressed doubts about the effectiveness of these measures because of the firm position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. “Nancy Pelosi … said that even if you restore the work of the government, I will give you one dollar to build the wall. Until the situation changes, we will never get a package of legislative measures, regardless of what the Senate does,” Graham concluded.

Tom Tompson

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