Trump and Erdogan's conversation caused a "catastrophe"

In Congress, they interpreted the decision of the American leader on the withdrawal of troops from Syria as a “surrender” to Russia and Iran. 

A telephone conversation between US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which they discussed the withdrawal of us troops from Syria, was the cause of the “catastrophic” events. 

Recall, December 19 trump announced the victory in Syria over ISIS and announced the withdrawal of the US military. In a sign of disagreement with this decision, Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned. 

It is noted that in a telephone conversation that took place on December 14, Erdogan tried to understand why the United States to combat ISIS continue to supply weapons to the Syrian Kurds and support them. 
As the Washington Post, this telephone conversation was the cause of “catastrophic events, even by the standards of Washington during the Trump years.” 

At the same time, according to Trump, he gave the head of the Pentagon and “other guys” a few months to give him a solution for Syria, but “no one gave him anything.” 

The decision to withdraw troops from Syria, according to the newspaper, met with different reactions, but for the majority of members of Congress it became a real “catastrophe” and “capitulation to the two powers on Syrian soil – Russia and Iran.” 

It is reported that Mattis and other advisers tried to convince Trump to decide on the withdrawal of US troops, but Trump said that staying there was a “fortune”, and asked the question why it was needed and what the US got from it. 

On Saturday, December 22, it became known that the US Special Representative in the anti-ISIS coalition, Brett McGurk, also resigns because of disagreement with the withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

Tom Tompson

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