Trump appoints Ex-Reagan adviser as new national security adviser

US President Donald Trump appointed Charles Kapperman first deputy national security adviser, the White House said on Friday. Kapperman has been working in the national security system for more than four decades. During the administration of Ronald Reagan, he worked in the executive office of the president, at NASA, and in the presidential general council for arms control and disarmament. 

He was also an adviser to Reagan’s campaign staff on defense and foreign policy. 

In the private sector, Kapperman served as vice president of the Boeing corporation and vice president of the space division of Lockheed Martin – both companies are Pentagon’s largest contractors. 

Kapperman will be the fourth person in this position in less than two years. He replaced Mira Ricardel, who left in late 2018 after a conflict with First Lady Melania Trump.

Tom Tompson

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