Trump is ready to end shutdown "even tomorrow"

US President Donald Trump told reporters that he was ready to finish the budget crisis “at least tomorrow,” with a temporary reduction in the work of the departments, but he made it clear that he was not ready to make concessions to the democrats. 

This shutdown can end tomorrow or continue for a very long time,” said Trump. “This is a very important struggle that needs to be won,” the US president said. 

He added that he doubts that he will have to reduce the declared requirement for Congress to provide 5.6 billion dollars of additional funding for border protection. 

At the same time, Trump repeated that the wall on the border, which he is going to build, can be made not of concrete, but of steel. Trump is confident that the construction of the wall will pay off “in the first year.” 

A number of US ministries and departments, including the State Department, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, stopped work on December 22 due to lack of budget. Trump and the Democrats who have gained control in the lower house of Congress (House of Representatives) argue about the need for additional funding for border security.

Tom Tompson

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