Trump is sidelined from the power: in Washington appeared "President Bolton"

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The decision of US President Donald Trump on the withdrawal of the American contingent from Syria revealed the already outlined conflict within the presidential administration and the entire system of government in the States. At the moment, it’s not very clear who actually controls the United States: the official president, Donald Trump, or national security adviser John Bolton, whom the US media, such as the authoritative NewsWeek magazine, already calls President Bolton because of his political influence and opportunities to push solutions that go against Trump’s official position. 

The scandal, which gave the public a special status and special features of Bolton, occurred in the context of the arrest of the daughter, whose father is the head of the Chinese Corporation Huawei. Bolton knew about this aggressive action against China in advance and was informed of the impending arrest before the start of key personal talks between President Trump and Chairman Xi. 

The problem is that Donald Trump himself didn’t know about it – and this means that he not only held talks with Xi “blindly”, but also didn’t give the go-ahead to that before an important meeting such a serious and humiliating for China occurred diplomatic incident. In this context, the situation began to acquire the features of obvious sabotage. For only by deliberately sabotaging Trump’s diplomatic efforts could such behavior be attributed to someone who in his administration seems to be responsible for national security and should be the most informed and trusted supporter of the president. The US leader is known for his explosive temper and, with scandal, sacked high-ranking members of his administration for much smaller offenses, but nothing happened to Bolton. It makes you think that his status as a subordinate is nothing more than a formality.

The President of the United States himself has stated many times that his main problem and the most important political opponent is the so-called deep state – an informal group of politicians, bureaucrats and security officials who, de facto, control the United States no matter who is the official president of the country. Judging by Bolton’s unsinkability, it seems that Trump was never able to clear out the representatives of this “in-depth state” even from his own administration, despite the fact that he is obviously still trying to conduct a more or less independent policy.

Tom Tompson

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