Trump may impose a state of emergency for the sake of building a Wall

US President Donald Trump said he could order the introduction of a state of emergency in order to achieve the construction of the Wall on the border with Mexico, according to American media. 

“We can introduce a national emergency regime to ensure the security of our country. Of course, we can take this step. I have not done this yet, but I can take such measures,” he said. 

According to the President, this development will allow to build the wall quickly, bypassing resistance from the Congress. At the same time, Donald Trump said that he is open to dialogue with congressmen on this issue. 

He also warned that he was ready to keep 25% of federal structures closed within the framework of the “Shutdown” for several years if he did not receive money from the congress for the construction of the wall. 

Since the end of last year, part of the US government structures suspended work within the framework of the “Shutdown”: this was caused by the fact that Congress refused to allocate the money required by Donald Tramp to build the wall. For this reason, it was not possible to approve the budget, and a “shutdown” was announced before the problem was resolved.

Tom Tompson

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