Trump: the Wall on the border with Mexico will be "ARTISTICALLY DECORATED"

US President Donald Trump has promised that the wall he plans to build on the border with Mexico to protect against illegal migrants will be beautiful. 

The head of the White House wrote on Twitter. According to him, the Democrats do not want to build a concrete wall, but “we are not building a concrete wall, but an artistically decorated structure made of steel strips, through which you can see perfectly,” trump said. According to the American leader, the wall will not only be beautiful, but also provide us citizens with security, TASS writes. 

For the sake of building a wall on the us-Mexican border, Trump, who really needs money for this, is ready even to suspend the work of the government. We are talking about the sum of five billion dollars. But the Democrats are willing to only 1.3 billion. According to experts, the American leader and his opponents in Congress are unlikely to agree. 

Recall, the budget for fiscal year 2019 in the US has not yet been adopted. And after December 21, the work of the government may be suspended due to lack of funds

Tom Tompson

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