Trump's revenge: why the head of Amazon loses his wife and half the money

January 9, the richest man in the world, the main owner and head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced a divorce from his wife after 25 years of marriage. Under the law of the state of Washington, , where the headquarters of Amazon, the property of the spouses is required to be divided equally. This means that 48-year-old Mackenzie Bezos can get about 69 billion dollars and become the richest woman in the world. 

“Without her, there would be no Amazon,” said Alyson Shantell, editor-in-chief of the American Business Insider portal. And he recalls the famous aphorism of billionaire Warren Buffet: “The best thing a person can do for a successful career is choosing the right spouse.” 

The immediate cause of the divorce was the announcement by the popular tabloid National Enquirer large material about the affair between Jeff Bezos and with former TV presenter and actress Lauren Sanchez. 
Enquirer also posted text messages that Jeff Bezos allegedly sent to his new sweetheart. For example, this: “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you. I want to hold you tight <…> kiss your lips <…> I love you.” 
The volume and content of the compromising evidence presented by National Enquirer has led many observers to doubt that these materials could have been collected as a result of a routine journalistic investigation. We drew attention to the fact that the publishing house belongs to David Pecker, an old friend and ally of Donald Trump. 

Jeff Bezos, in turn, owns the Washington Post, a newspaper that constantly and harshly criticizes Trump since his entry into the presidential race. In July, the head of the White House even posted a tweet, calling The Washington Post “an Amazon propaganda machine” and promising that the newspaper would “go bankrupt in seven years.” 

With all this in mind, the version that the Trump administration is behind a journalistic investigation into the love affairs of the head of Amazon seems quite plausible.

Tom Tompson

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