US Ambassador to Germany threatened with sanctions because of the "Nord Stream 2"

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell sent letters to a number of German companies, in which he warned about the possibility of imposing sanctions on them from the US because of the support of Nord Stream 2. 

The diplomat said that the United States strongly opposed the construction of the pipeline. So, it “has serious geopolitical consequences” for the European allies and partners of Washington, Grenell said. 

The politician also reported a negative attitude towards the project from Canada, Eastern European members of the European Union and “many governments” in Western Europe, who allegedly share US concerns about “Russia’s behavior.” 

“These partners share our concern about Russia’s increasingly aggressive behavior, especially Moscow’s use of energy resources as political and economic levers,” sayed in grenell’s letter. 
Project “Nord Stream – 2” 

Nord Stream 2 provides for the construction of a gas pipeline with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The United States opposes the project. 
Vladimir Putin said that the American leader Donald Trump is pursuing the interests of US business in the supply of LNG to Europe. 

In turn, Angela Merkel has repeatedly noted that Berlin sees the Nord Stream 2 project as commercial. At the same time, the German Chancellor links its implementation with the preservation of the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine.

Tom Tompson

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