US House of Representatives adopted the draft budget

House of Representatives of the United States Congress on Thursday passed two bills to finance the Department of Homeland Security by February 8 and other departments by September 30. Voting in the chamber took place against the background of the so-called “government shutdown”: from December 22, a number of US ministries and departments, including the State Department, the Ministry of Justice, the MBB, the Ministry of Transport and Agriculture, reduced their work. The reason was the lack of a budget, which by December 22, Democrats and Republicans in Congress have not been able to agree. 

According to the results of the vote, 239 congressmen spoke in favor of the first document, and 192 were against it. The second was supported by 241 people, and not supported by 190. This reflects the balance of power in the house, where the Democrats have the majority. 

The main cause of disagreement between the parties was the financing of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, which is supported by the administration of President Donald Trump and many of his party members, the Republicans. In the adopted document, the requested $ 5 billion by the president for this purpose is not envisaged within the budget of the Ministry of Finance. Earlier, the administration has already stated that they oppose these bills and will advise the President to veto it. 

According to the regulations, bills must be approved by the Senate, where the majority of the Republicans. Their leader, Mitch McConnell, has already announced that they will not support the documents. 

A separate temporary budget for the Ministry of Internal Affairs was prepared by the Democrats to reduce the negative, including political, consequences of the “closure”, in which both parties accuse each other.

Tom Tompson

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